The standard for influencer marketing in the gaming industry

Revolt gaming is an influencer marketing platform specialized in the gaming industry. Our technology and expertise allow us to identify the influencers that will match the best with your target audience and generate the highest return on investment.

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Our technology

Stop browsing Youtube and Twitch for hours every day

We analyze more than 1M videos on Youtube and Twitch every minute to find the best influencers for your product. Know what you get for what you pay and estimate the cost per impression just like with any other digital advertising platform.

Our expertise

Reach the right audience

To find the best influencers for your campaigns we analyze each influencers profile with :

  • Audience insights (gender, age, location…)
  • Interest of the audience (cars & motorsport, anime, steampunk …)
  • Games previously played by the streamer
  • Engagement rate & average views
Our approach

Measurable results and advanced analytics

The return on investment of influencer marketing campaigns in 2019 is on average $9.5 for each dollar invested.
Thanks to our proprietary technology we are able to give you concrete insights on the performance of your campaigns with a custom integration with your analytics provider.

Start a data-driven influencer marketing strategy

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