The 5 errors to avoid when doing influencer marketing in the game industry

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For the past 2 month I’ve been analyzing about 30 influencer marketing campaigns in the game industry (From indies to AAA games). My goal was to understand what made some campaigns a huge success and others a failure / waste of money.

This article is a recap of the 5 most common mistakes made by game publishers when creating an influencer marketing campaign.

If you follow this article you’ll be able to be more aware of the traps that you can fall into as a newbie in the field of influencer marketing. Moreover, you’ll have the blueprint of how to plan an effective influencer marketing campaign (and generate a better return on investment 💰).

Mistake #1: Doing quick shoutouts

One of the many advantages of influencer marketing is that it’s a non-intrusive form of advertising.

If you watch mainstream youtube influencers there’s a high probability that you’ve seen a shoutout in the beginning of the video for a random mobile game.

Why are shoutouts partnerships low performing on youtube ?

    • Intrusive : It disrupts the viewer because it is in most cases not related to the title of the video or content itself.
    • Not actionnable : There’s generally no incitation for to viewer to click on the call to action or download the app.
  • Too obvious : One of the many advantages to do influencer marketing in the video game industry is that you can find people that will genuinely enjoy your game and stream it.

A better way to do influencer marketing is to focus on finding influencers that actually like your game. You’ll create a solid fanbase and that’s how you get an organic growth in game revenue.

Mistake #2: Choosing influencers without checking for their audience data

Creating an influencer marketing campaign is about building trust with a specific audience. Just like any other marketing campaign it must have a well defined target.

Finding streamers that are already playing games with similar audiences as your target for your own game is a great idea. For instance if your game is a medieval RPG then make a list of 10 similar games (Skyrim, The Witcher …) and try finding streamers that mostly stream this kind of games.

Ideally, you should check if the audience of the influencer (age, gender, location …) is similar to your marketing target. To find these informations you can either ask the streamer to send them to you or use a platform like Revolt Gaming or Hypeauditor if you’re looking for statistics.

Mistake #3: Not setting clear rules for the partnership

Creating influencer partnerships should always include a contract to avoid bad surprises. Here is a list of basic rules that you should mention in the contract that you’ll make with the influencer :

    • Mention the name of the game at the beginning and at the end of your video.
    • Include the provided tracking URL in the top part of the video description.
    • Provide some context to the tracking URL in the description.
  • Refrain from criticizing the content and advertiser but be honest and constructive.

Mistake #4: Doing mass emailing

Reaching out to influencers is something that you must prepare weeks in advance for optimal answer rate. Ask yourself :

    • Why should these influencers respond to me?
    • What’s in it for them?
    • What kind of perks or compensation am I willing to offer?
  • What are my campaign goals?

The answers to the above question will actually help you draft your pitch to influencers before you get to the actual influencer outreach.

Ideally don’t start by sending your pitch and starting influencer outreach as soon as you’ve identified your influencers. Instead, start engaging with them on social media. You can like and comment on their Twitter posts for instance. An easy way of doing this is to add them to a Twitter list. This way you can monitor their accounts daily and engage with their posts.

Mistake #5: Not offering an appropriate remuneration

One of the most important metrics in an influencer marketing campaign is how much you’ll pay the influencer.

If you want to have an influencer with more than 10K followers to feature your game it’s most likely that sending him/her a free game license is not going to be enough. In most cases you’ll have to go for a cash prize.

How to define the price you’ll pay a streamer ?

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) — Estimate how many impressions you’ll get and the ideal CPM for your campaign. Check how much you spend on other channels like facebook ads or native advertising as a way of comparing. It is the most common pricing model.

CPI (Cost per Interaction ) — More difficult to estimate but you can try to guess the number of interactions that the post will generate and pay the influencer accordingly. In order for it to work you must offer something like a discount code or in-game bonuses if the viewers sign-up through the tracking link that you gave to the influencer. It’s harder to implement and a less common way of paying an influencer but it provides you with a guarantee.

At Revolt Gaming we’re developing an algorithm that will estimate the perfect price for your influencer partnerships according to the views generated by the streamer on Youtube and Twitch. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to give it a try.


You are now aware of the most common mistakes made by video game publishers when promoting their games with influencers.

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